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The First Month: Tales of self-employment & the startup life

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Hello friends! I known I've seemingly fallen off the face of the earth since July so I figured it's about time to break the silence. The two weeks following my last post were spent handling family matters and moving out of my rental home to live with my mother for the next few months. I began my first day of self employment on August 1st, so here's an honest look at a day in the life of a startup founder.

The Days of Hustle Past

To better understand where I'm at now, let's add some contrast. Here's what an average weekday used to look like back when I still had a regular job and worked to get my business off the ground:

  • 6 AM - Wakeup
  • 6:15 - Review daily objectives over coffee
  • 6:30 to 8 - Programming/work on startup
  • 8:15 - Commute 45 minutes to work
  • 9 to 4:30 - Work
  • 5 PM - Commute 30 minutes to gym
  • 5:30 PM - Workout
  • 8 PM - Commute 30 minutes back home
  • 8:30 to 10:30 PM - Work for another ~1-2 hours on startup
  • 11 PM - Review and plan for next day

I was able to stick to this routine for nearly 7 months. I was in the best shape of my life, laid siege to my to-do list every day, awoke with endless motivation, and went to bed with a plan, all while maintaining a healthy social life and visiting my family often. The details of how I managed to do all that will be discussed in a future blog post, because it sure as hell didn't come naturally. But I digress.

A Day In The Life

So how have things changed now that I finally got what I wanted? For the past month, I...

  • Wakeup whenever
  • Commute 17.5 inches from my bed to my desk
  • Work until I'm no longer capable of problem solving
  • Try to sleep a few hours
  • Eat once or twice a day
  • Repeat

In summary: I've worked 27 out of the last 30 days, lost 8 lbs, rarely change out of my pajamas, live with my mom, and leave the house 1 day a week on average.

And you know what? I've never been happier :)

How to Ying When You've Yang'd Too Hard

To be clear, I'm entirely aware that this isn't a healthy or balanced lifestyle, and I don't advise anybody to follow in my footsteps. If you're the type of person that will endure hell and high water to get what you want, there's a very good chance you'll overdo it when you finally achieve your goal. And that's perfect fine as long as you recognize that its unsustainable and only temporary permissible.

Don't worry guys, I'm just getting this out of my system.

Over the next month, my goal is to rebalance my life and find a healthy medium between hard work and health. Here are a few things I plan to change:

No more sleeping in!

  • By waking up around 10 AM every day, I'm rarely satisfied with my progress by 7 PM and end up working through the night since its easier to keep going than to pull away.

Plan each day in advance

  • When I used to schedule every hour of my day the night before, it was extremely easy to budget my time efficiently and not worry about focusing on one task for too long.

  • Tunnel vision sets in if you don't zoom out further than that day's objectives to look at the bigger picture.

Work outside of the bedroom (more often)

  • This one's a bit tricky because I have a sweet desk in my room that's perfect for dual monitor work, but there needs to be a more defined boundary between where I sleep and where I work. It would be hard for anybody to sleep comfortably at work.

I know there are probably many other things I could do, but I know myself pretty well and 3 changes are more than enough at first. I'm not going to make a public commitment to never do any of them ever again, because let's be honest, I will. But I'll do my best and see where I end up; I've got many years ahead of me to get this right.

If any of you struggle with things you know you should be doing but haven't been able to stop/start, shoot me an email or text and we can be commitment buddies! We can send each other snaps/photos of ourselves doing what we're supposed to for accountability, and misery loves company!

Until next time friends.