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Diagnosing Founder Fever - Making the leap from engineer to entrepreneur

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Over the past few months, I’ve had my mind consumed by "Founder Fever". This debilitating aliment preys on those that suffer prolonged exposure to cubicle culture and strikes when financial self preservation is at it’s weakest. If you’ve never heard of such a thing, here are the most telling symptoms:

  • Another website (such as HackerNews, Quara, Medium, etc.) dethrones reddit as the first listing in Chrome’s “New Tab” page for the first time in 4 years

  • You consume every motivational article written by Jon Westenberg like it’s a letter you wish your father would have written instead of abandoning you

  • You buy (and actually read) a bunch of startup books on Amazon, finally justifying that Kindle purchase from three years back

  • You start suggesting free outdoor activities to first dates after using the Amazon Web Services pricing calculator (praise be to discgolf)

  • Upon realizing the cost of hiring an actual photographer, you quickly lower your standards for what a decent professional portrait entails (nobody can tell you’re using a selfie stick if both arms hang low enough)

  • After reading the habits of successful startup founders, you commit yourself to waking up at asscrack of dawn every day (weekends included) to make more time for reflecting upon your inadequacies

  • Every public comment made on social media gets reevaluated in the off chance that you miraculously become relevant one day and have to explain why you retweeted Snoop Dogg in a onesie

  • You sell your gaming PC to save up for a Macbook because using a Windows desktop for web dev makes you feel like an unwashed pleb

  • You begrudgingly write self deprecating blog posts because every startup book has mentioned writing is a critical soft-skill for success (so meta)

While the effects of Founder Fever are exaggerated at first, the effects soon subside to sensible levels after realizing that every brilliant idea you’ve had is unoriginal and already been done by a team of handsome European men with perfect hair.

The good news is that full blown remission is only one infectious idea away.