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Itinerary Reveal

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After many months of anticipation, the final itinerary has finally been released! Without further ado...

Remote Year - Aurora

Departure Date: December 31st, 2017

01 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
02 - Córdoba, Argentina
03 - Lima, Peru
04 - Medellín, Colombia
05 - Bogotá, Colombia
06 - Mexico City, Mexico
07 - Lisbon, Portugal
08 - Prague, Czech Republic
09 - Belgrade, Serbia
10 - Split, Croatia
11 - Marrakesh, Morocco
12 - Cape Town, South Africa

Talk about a fast start to 2018! I'm super excited about the opportunity to spend 7 months in Spanish speaking countries; I've been meaning to work on my fluency for years - Sí se puede!

For those of you that have expressed wishes to travel more, here's your chance! If any of these locales call out to you, call out to me!

For more information about the program, check out the Remote Year FAQs