About Me

Candid Laugh
Born in Romania a mere two days before the Revolution of 1989, my first days on earth were unwelcoming at best. As my family was smuggled out of the country shortly after my birth, I was left under the care of my grandparents to await brighter days. Years later, I rejoined them in the United States as a refugee, and began my new life as a first generation immigrant.

My younger years were punctuated by countless struggles of domestic abuse, bullying, low self-esteem, and all around hardship brought on by circumstances outside of my control. In an attempt to regain control of my life and earn the respect of those around me, I enlisted at 18 in the Army National Guard and embarked on a mission to fast-track myself into adulthood. Six years later I emerged a new man, but could no longer see myself as a soldier. I was honorably discharged on April 28th, 2014 and now live my life as an advocate of peace and kindness.

The takeaway is this - despite numerous setbacks and unfavorable odds, I've taught myself valuable life skills and have ceaselessly exploited them to my benefit. In a way to give back to those that have supported, mentored, and motivated me to achieve my dreams, it's only fair to share the knowledge I've accumulated in a way that benefits as many people as possible. I am no master of any one topic, but I do know a few things about some stuff. Stick around and learn with me - this is bound to be fun.

- Flavius Popan